Gathering Tempest: Nephilim Trilogy, Book 2

Eric O'Connor

The Nephilim, born from a forbidden union between fallen angels and human women, were an abomination to God. They were gigantic, immensely strong, and very war-like. Nephilim is a trilogy, a story of redemption. In book two, Ray Bennett travels to Dallas, a city from his recurring nightmares, with his old football buddy Charles Mason, who managed to become one of the world's most powerful men since he last saw him. Charles attempts to treat Ray to a weekend of excitement and debauchery, but Ray's thoughts keep returning to the woman and little boy he met and mysteriously fell in love with the day before. Violence in Dallas, and around the world, are escalating quickly. The Nephilim travels to Dallas to prepare for a ritual to open a doorway to hell and release Satan. Ray meets a strange old man traveling with a young couple. This man tells Ray his friend is more than who he says he is, and that his nightmares are visions preparing him for battle. He has been chosen by God as a warrior to stand against a half-demon giant who walked the earth in biblical days.

Trafford 278 pages

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