The Biohazard: Probing the Truth & The Art of Deception

AJ Messer

This is the second book in the series and contains 2 full episodes.  This book has been written in its original screenplay format.                                      Probing the Truth What happened to the Mars Orbital Probe? That's the question on everybody's mind. While the team at Mission Control investigate the answer to that very question, the President is informed that a board of inquiry has somehow found out about the project and the probe mishap, and are about to suspend the project pending the outcome of their own investigation. It's expected that the committee will probably even shut down the project permanently resulting in a battle of wits that quickly ensues. Meanwhile, the Xornians arrive at Mars and begin searching for their crashed Plague Missile while trying to remain undetected from the humans at the same time. The Art of Deception Everyone seems to have their own hidden agendas. What's worse, is that they all conflict with one another! When the President shows up unexpectedly early for his tour at Envision Technologies, he unintentionally threatens to derail the General and C.E.O.'s secret plans. As a result, the C.E.O. tries to distract the President while calling upon Jinx to possibly have to fulfill the blackmail he was forced into. The blackmail the General and President know nothing about. To complicate matters further, while dealing with the C.E.O.'s mess, Jinx is also trying to avoid his girlfriend Doctor Faulkner and she wants to know why! Meanwhile, Director Drax of the CDC is still being avoided by the C.E.O. in an effort to hinder his involvement with the project. The project he wants to be in charge of. But all of that is about to change when an unlikely individual betrays everyone and the project, and decides to help out Drax instead without realizing what the consequences of their actions will be...

Blurb 128 pages

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