A point-by-point 'users guide' for cottage & small business owners who want to expand their business & management acumen, customer base, advertising reach, and understanding of consumer & employee psychology. Written by an individual who has decades of proven experience in the small business world and who has seen - and experienced - most of the scenarios presented within, it is tailored to assist your business by offering proven 'big business' techniques on a small business scale. It will also shed light upon potential caveats and pitfalls suffered by many small business owners. Written in a unique - often humorous - compartmentalized style, this work offers something for everyone. It may be read one item or section at a time, or may be easily absorbed all in one sitting. Many of the methods, ideas, and techniques outlined are timeless. As such, not only does this book offer advice for the budding business owner, it is also a book whose usefulness grows in tandem with your business, with regard to insight and relevance.

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