When the Nubian god of incense is found dead in a downtown Madison parking garage, Death is a bit miffed. The reason? He wasn’t the terminating party. And he’s not about to permit others to horn in on his racket after having cornered the market since time immemorial. Enter Ed & Phil. They’re Death’s retainers, and renowned private eyes amongst the Unseen. They’re handed the seemingly impossible task of identifying and tracking down the killer. Along the way, they exhibit few qualms about enlisting the help of anyone - or anything - that will assist in accomplishing their task, no matter how insane, elusive, or even angry with them personally those parties might be. Meanwhile, Jules Sallie - a down on his luck corporate lackey - finds himself in the rare position of being a former human being that has been dropped square into the Unseen world. It is a world which he finds equal parts frightening and intriguing. And it isn’t long before he unwittingly comprehends his vital role in his new surroundings - like it or not. Follow along on a world-wide murder investigation as an ever changing menagerie of gods, beings. monsters, concepts, and mythological characters join in the hunt for an unusually crafty killer.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 330 pages

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