The underlying message of A Moment In Time is mindfulness: that this family doesn't need to be packing it all in or doing a list of planned events, when all they need to do is be. Children are drawn to its rhythmic and colorful style; adults appreciate it's hidden message.   Bronze Winner in the Moonbeam Award Honorable Mention in the New England Book Festival First Place in the Readers View Literary Award Best Children's Book in the Blazing Trailer Literary Award "We read A Moment In Time to our 5-day pre-k/k class!   Reading it as a chant the children quickly recognized the rhythm and rhyme in the book.  The story and the bold text along with colorful illustrations made it easy for the children to connect to.  A Moment in Time would be a great choice to read in any classroom.  This book encourages wonderful conversations with children about enjoying and appreciating the simplest moments!" writes Catherine Yeaton, Building Block School Director and Owner.

The Perfect Moment, LLC 40 pages

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