Imago Chronicles: Book Eight Revelations

Lorna T. Suzuki

It is the end of an era. With the natural balance of the realm in turmoil since the tragic disappearance of Lindras, the Wizard of the West, chaos reigns supreme when a mysterious killer emerges from the most unlikely of places. Drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse, Nayla Treeborn and the surviving members of the Order are on the hunt to capture this fiend with a secret agenda. To make matters worse, at the height of this misadventure, while following on the trail of this mass murderer, those closest to Nayla have mysteriously vanished. Now, she and her comrades are pitted against a formidable enemy unlike any they had ever encountered and this time, their nemesis comes bearing strange and powerful weapons not even the remaining Wizards know how to combat. Nothing is as it seems and in the end, lives will be forever altered in this final tale that brings the Imago Chronicles to its stunning conclusion.

L.T. Suzuki 452 pages

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