Imago Chronicles: Book Six the Spell Binder

Lorna T. Suzuki

In this sequel to 'Imago Chronicles: Book Five Destiny's End', Markus' coronation as the new King of Carcross unites the surviving members of the Order for a grand celebration. When a dangerous prisoner escapes from the dungeons of Darross Castle during the ascent of the Hunter's Moon, it brings the festivities to an abrupt end. Not only is a madman on the loose, but a young prince is taken hostage and the evil Book of Spells has mysteriously vanished. In a race against time to unravel this secret and save the prince's life, a new acquaintance threatens to destroy old friendships and a former Wizard is seduced by evil once more. At the height of this chaos, a long-forgotten entity promises to wreak untold havoc, threatening the mission and endangering the lives of all wishing to enter Spirit Wood, the haunted forest of the Shadow Mountains.

L.T. Suzuki 448 pages

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