Imago Chronicles: Book Five, Destiny's End

Lorna T. Suzuki

In this sequel to 'Imago Chronicles: Book Four, The Tears of God', five months have passed since the evil that set foot into Wyndwood was put to rest. Life in the enchanted forest had returned to normal, but all is not what it seems. Strange happenings create ripples in the continuum of time throughout this realm; distortions that go unbeknownst to all except the Oracles on Mount Isa. An unseen evil casts its dark shadow over the lands, but this time, the threat could go unnoticed and unchecked. The Wizard of the West is joined by Nayla and the men of the Order for this quest unlike any they had ever undertaken. In a race against time on a mission cloaked in mystery, they are forced to put a stop to evil before its far-reaching effects can destroy everything and everyone they cherish. Not only are their wits and skills put to the test, but they uncover a secret that will shake the very foundations of their existence. Nayla and her comrades must step beyond the realms of imagination to come to terms with what is reality, what is fantasy, and ultimately, what happens when these two worlds collide.

L.T. Suzuki 436 pages

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