Legacy (Imago Chronicles:)

Lorna T. Suzuki

In this sequel to Imago Chronicles: Prophecy, more than a century had passed since the Elves departed from the enchanted forest of Wyndwood to follow their exiled leader Dahlon Treeborn. Establishing a new settlement in the heart of the Emerald Forest of Carcross, they are forced to abandon this home. With mounting pressure to cut all ties with the Elves of Wyndwood, Dahlon is intent on finding a new homeland for his people. In an unprecedented move, he embarks on an extraordinary journey that will lead them east beyond the Iron Mountains into the uncharted lands of Orien; a mysterious country inhabited by an enigmatic race of human beings. Instead of find a peaceful sanctuary, they become embroiled in a land immersed in political and religious upheaval and entrenched in a war against a sadistic and powerful enemy the Elves had never before encountered.

560 pages

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