Prophecy (Imago Chronicles:)

Lorna T. Suzuki

With an enduring friendship bound by an oath of blood, Kal-lel Wingfield and Dahlon Treeborn’s youthful adventures prepare them for their greatest challenge when they must face Beyilzon, a divine entity now bent on annihilating the human race and all those who dare stand by them. The promise of the tools to defeat the Dark Lord begins the race to secure the Stone of Salvation from the bowels of the earth and to forge the Sword of Hope, imbued with the power to slay evil. But more difficult than these two tasks, Kal-lel must convince a mortal king and his young squire they are the chosen ones to wield these weapons against Beyilzon. With the specter of warm looming before them, the greatest battle of their time will determine the fate of all in Imago. But in the end, it will be the undercurrent of betrayal and deceit of a forbidden love that will tear apart the greatest nation of this realm.

576 pages

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