The Biohazard: ALH84001

AJ Messer

This is the first book in the series.  It contains 2 episodes combined to make the pilot film. This book has been written in its original screenplay format. ALH84001 The year is 2054. Earth has suffered from an unexpected and devastating Extra-Terrestrial plague that has left millions dead. Without even getting the chance to react to the outbreak, an unexpected invasion leads to war, adding billions more to the death toll. Two survivors who were involved with "The Project" from the very beginning, return to where it all began in the hopes of retrieving something that could potentially help save the human race from extinction. During their mission, Jinx, a mechanic who was hired on for "The Project", rehashes old memories with his friend of the initial events (and the beginning of the series) that helped cause the disaster in the first place. In the process, he finally reveals the shocking truth that HE himself may be the reason why Earth stands on the very edge of destruction, and the desperate final mission that is now underway which is their very last chance to save the human race one and for all, or finally be completely wiped out if they fail.

Blurb 120 pages

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