The Philosopher's Plant: An Intellectual Herbarium

Michael Marder


Em Maxwell

over 5 years ago

The Philosopher's Plant is a lovely series of explorations of philosophy in the light of postmodern ecology, a turning of the mental eye from the world of the abstract back to the world of the physical--an attempt at organic food for thought, if you will. Roughly following the timeline of Western philosophy from Plato to Luce Irigaray, we can follow a path or wander, plow ahead or meander through this intellectual herbarium, touching, tasting, sniffing, and engaging the physical senses in addition to the mental ones. We can practice philosophy, forming a world view based upon observation, experience, and contemplation of the world around us, herein exemplified in vegetable life.

An excellent book for beginning philosophers and anyone interested in philosophy, botany, shamanic theory, or similar disciplines. A companion reading with David Abrams' Spell of the Sensuous would be very provocative. Very much a book for intellectuals; not recommended for those who do not enjoy doing their own thinking. Fun and umami for those who do.