Unclaimed Legacy: Book 2 in the History Mystery Series

Deborah Heal

A 200-year-old treasure waiting to be reclaimed.  Abby Thomas’ 11-year-old student Merri is finally warming up to her. And her friendship with John Roberts is also heating up. He’s definitely marriage material. Except for the fact that when she tells him about Beautiful Houses he thinks she’s crazy.  Because a computer program that allows you to rewind and fast-forward the lives of people from long ago is surely pure fantasy. But then John sees for himself that it’s not. Together they use Beautiful Houses to help the “Old Dears” next door with their family tree. Rummaging around in their history, they discover that the 85-year-old twins have been keeping a secret from each other since 1941. And the ladies’ ancestors have a few secrets of their own, too. Convicted in 1871 of murder and arson, Reuben Buchanan is a blight on the Old Dears’ family name. But was he really guilty? Abby and John must get inside the mind of a murderer to find out.  But there are also heroes in the ladies’ family tree—like Reuben’s ancestor Nathan Buchanan. Abby and John’s amazing software takes them on a virtual trip back to 1803 when Nathan log cabin sat just outside Lewis and Clark’s  Camp River Dubois where the men spent the winter gathering supplies and training for their cross-continental expedition. Nathan Buchanan’s cabin was added onto through the years, and at one time it was a stage coach inn called Shake Rag Corner. Today it is a condemned derelict. But while watching its history unfold, Abby and John discover a 200-year-old treasure waiting to be reclaimed—and that God’s promise to bless a thousand generations really is true.  What Readers Are Saying… “One of the best authors & series I've read in a while. I love time related stories and this one is a new approach. Great characters, dialogue, and research. It's one that I started reading the sample and then couldn't put it down. I'm on book #3 and I don't look forward to it ending.” "This series gently touches on serious, yet timeless topics that have confounded humans throughout history. Icing on the cake for this historical fiction fan is the author's Christian perspective and emphasis on God's redemptive plan in spite of human choices.” “It is a fascinating story, masterfully written. I will definitely be reading every book this author writes.” “Wouldn't it be fun to be able to go back on a computer program and watch the history of your family unfold? This is what Deborah did in this fun and exciting book.” (Rose Chaney) “This gripping story will take you on a history lesson of the Lewis and Clark days, you will see the power of forgiveness and redemption.” Unclaimed Legacy is historical Christian fiction. The next book, Every Hill and Mountain, completes the History Mystery time travel trilogy and brings the reader full circle with the Underground Railroad slaves’ stories in Time and Again. When you finish the trilogy be sure to continue the historical adventure with the follow-up Rewinding Time Series where “bratty” pre-teen Merri becomes Dr. Merrideth Randall, esteemed professor of history. The History Mystery Trilogy: Christian time travel with a unique twist—computer software that “time-surfs” through the history of old houses. It’s also squeaky-clean romance, guaranteed to be flinch-free. And the kind of historical fiction you like to read—believable! 

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 284 pages

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