Princess of Thorns

Stacey Jay


Riffle Sci-Fi/Fantasy

over 5 years ago

What Intrigued Me: Stacey Jay has made a name for herself as a boss at twisting familiar stories into something dark and unique. And I liked the idea of someone tackling the darker original version of Sleeping Beauty (no surprise, but Disney deviated from the source material, making it into something more family friendly). Put the two together, and I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy this book.

What Hooked Me: I have a soft spot for princesses that don’t act like princesses. And Aurora is so unprincess-like, she passes as a boy for most of the book. She’s stubborn, over-confident, and hot-tempered. She acts impulsively and makes a lot of mistakes. She lies to keep herself safe, but also to keep those she cares about safe. Which is so loveable and human.

What Made Me Fall In Love: My favorite love stories aren’t about love at first sight. They aren’t about couples so in tune, they finish each others’ sentences. And they aren’t about soul mates, destiny, or fate.

My favorite love stories are the ones that border on dysfunctional. The ones where the couples spend a lot of time fighting and disagreeing and generally misunderstanding each others’ motives. The ones where they’re no longer polite, where each person speaks their mind, and they still love each other despite all the flaws.

And Ror and Niklaas fight a lot. Oh, the sexual tension.