Vladimir Lorchenkov tells the story of a group of villagers and their tragicomic efforts, against all odds and at any cost, to emigrate from Moldova, Europe's most impoverished nation, to Italy for work. In this uproarious tale, an Orthodox priest is deserted by his wife for an art-dealing atheist; a mechanic redesigns his tractor for travel by air and sea; thousands of villagers take to the road on a modern-day religious crusade to make it to the promised land of Italy; meanwhile, politicians remain politicians. �Outstanding ... darkly hilarious." � The Wall Street Journal "A simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking tale.” � Publishers Weekly �A touching and hilarious chronicle about the age-old European yearning for one more chance. A chance that may never come �” � Gary Shteyngart �Firmly in the great tradition of East European black humour and stands comparison with Hasek, Hrabal and Voinovich and will have you laughing � unless, of course, you are a sensitive soul.” � The Modern Novel �The Good Life Elsewhere revels in absurdity, right down to the over-the-top satisfying end � Good � though occasionally also very dark � absurdist fun, by a talented writer.” � The Complete Review �Original, both serious and comic, and, at times, tragic.” � Profile Magazine �Vladimir Lorchenkov is a highly talented imposter � painting a colorful, bright, and crazy life in a benighted post-Soviet corner of the world.” � Vedomosti �This is a bleeding, wild work, grotesque in every twist of its plot and in every character, written brightly, bitterly, humorously, and � paradoxically, as we’re dealing with the grotesque � honestly.” � Krupa.ru �Is it possible for lovely Italy to take the place of both hell and paradise, as well as one’s most cherished dream? Vladimir Lorchenkov explores this possibility � in vivid colors, with a pamphleteer’s spite, and a good-humored smile.” � Literaturnaya Gazeta

New Vessel Press 197 pages

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