Jesse Gordon, driven to a shocking murder by the killing of his wife and infant daughter, condemns himself to life underground in the New York City subway system. Abandoning the light of day, he finds an evil as old as time, and a redemption which must be bought by a price far greater than death… PRAISE FOR LOWLAND RIDER: LOWLAND RIDER: “…his best book yet…Williamson probes the depths of loneliness and injects Lowland Rider with a humanity rarely seen in comparable horror novels…a highly innovative and original novel which grips the reader from the first train ride to the final confrontation.” – Fear “An engrossing portrait of evil and fear, and of a man caught up in the fight against both…Williamson skillfully weaves the threads of horror and suspense through his story, never allowing the reader to entirely relax during even the most seeming ‘normal’ episodes.” – The West Coast Review of Books “Darker and darker, scarier and scarier…proof positive that Williamson is here to stay…” – The Horror Show “Another page-turning and stomach-churning horror blast from the author of Soulstorm and Ash Wednesday.” – Lancashire Evening Post

Crossroad Press 352 pages

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