Marty Matters (Forever, Marty Book 1)

Jessica Hayworth

What if you were tired of moving from town to town because of your father? What if you hated your mother because she would do nothing about it? What if you had no friends and you were constantly harassed by a bully? How would you survive another move with all its new challenges? Find out how one middle school boy deals with these challenges in MARTY MATTERS. When Marty moves to a new town, he turns his anger from his mother and father to the school bully. Marty finds it difficult to make friends because he is “different.” After several weeks of what seems like torture in his new school, Marty makes a new friend. His friend, however, is not of the human kind. Boots is a dog that becomes Marty’s friend and makes his life tolerable, until Boots’ life is placed in jeopardy because of his own actions. Marty must make a decision as to how Boots’ future will play out. Will Marty be able to make the difficult decision? What will happen to them both? Find the answers to these questions and more when you read MARTY MATTERS

Little Creek Books 146 pages

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