Marty Mayhem (Forever, Marty Book 2)

Jessica Hayworth

In this sequel to MARTY MATTERS, Marty Mitchell attempts to find a new normal after the sudden death of his father and moving back to his grandparents’ farm in Virginia. He knows nothing is the same as before his father’s death, but he feels he must try to make life tolerable for his mother. Marty believes it is a job his father would have wanted him to do. He pushes his own feelings and happiness aside to put his mother first. When someone else comes into the picture who wants to take care of his mom, too, Marty is conflicted about what to do. Marty also faces the challenge of beginning yet another new school. He fears he will once again be the target of constant bullying and the poster child for loneliness. He knows the roles all too well. However, Marty finds himself in an unfamiliar role in his new school. Whatever else he faces, Marty and his dog, Boots, find daily life at the farm to be wonderful. While Boots roams the fields and chases critters, Marty feeds the animals and tends to chores. Things seem to be going well until an unmarked package arrives in the mail. Its simple presence indicates danger for his family as well as his friend Mark. Marty finds himself in a situation he has no control over; a situation that jeopardizes the life of his best friend, Boots

Little Creek Books 138 pages

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