Lady Molly & The Snapper: A Young Adult time travel adventure, set in Ireland and on the high seas.

Gerry McCulough

Brother and sister Jik and Nora are bored and angry. Why does their Dad spend so much time since their mother’s death drinking and ignoring them? Why must he come home at all hours and fall downstairs like a fool? Nora goes to church and lights a candle. The cross-looking sailor saint she particularly likes seems to grow enormous and come to life. Nora is too frightened to stay. Nora and Jik go down secretly to their father’s boat, the Lady Molly, at Howth Marina. There they meet The Snapper, the same cross-looking saint in a sailor’s cap, who takes them back in time on the yacht, Lady Molly, to meet Cuchulain, the legendary Irish warrior, and others. Jik and Nora plan to use their travels to find some way of stopping their father from drinking –but it’s fun, too! Or is it? When they meet the Druid priest who follows them into modern times, teams up with school bully Marty Flanagan, and threatens them, things start getting out of hand. Meanwhile, Nora is more than interested in Sean, the boy they keep bumping into in the past …

Precious Oil Publications 184 pages

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