Poetry. Translated from the Estonian by Ilmar Lehtpere. This small collection is Kristiina Ehin's first bilingual (Estonian-English) edition published in the United States. "Hers is a generous, honest imagination: visceral, shamanistic and wise. Kristiina Ehin is avisionary poet with a discerning and distinctive voice, a voice resonant with genuine passion,close to the primordial world of spirts and myths, but also rooted in history and in contemporarylife. There is a refreshing lightness and originality to her poems, which are nonetheless poignant.She is able to express strong emotions without being sentimental. Her work has truly haunted me;it has entered the deepest layer of my being with its rare combination of directness and subtlenuances, ancient traditions and modernity."—Sujata Bhatt

Cross-Cultural Communications 52 pages

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