In a near-future where debt is generationally inheritable, one's physical body is considered a viable commodity to be sold to the highest bidder: a sale where nothing is forbidden. The middle class is gone, and once myriad and prominent social programs are a laughable anachronism, long since abolished in their entirety. The rich are no longer satisfied with merely possessing wealth for a lifetime - they desire more, and to be permitted the ability to do more with it, without having to answer to anyone but themselves. The problem? Laws and social taboos, which have stood the test of societal time, prevent them from obtaining what they ultimately desire: immortality and Godhood. The Shinjimori Yakuza, Japan's well-connected and heavily-entrepreneurial crime syndicate, recognize the inherent value in exploiting the downtrodden masses to fulfill the needs of these wealthy few; fulfillment to heretofore unseen levels. Laws are manipulated, schemes are developed, plans are well-laid, and the Arcology system of entertainment & medical complexes are summarily established in a world well-modified into accepting them - regardless of how hedonistic or abhorrent the activities within their confines may become. It is with all of this in mind that we follow in the footsteps of an unlikely group of allied individuals, their lives having become strangely intertwined, as each struggles against a world drastically changed by the few, at the ultimate expense of the many; a world whose fundamental underpinnings are rocked to the foundations, as a core group of seventy-five of the wealthiest individuals play the final card in a game that only they have the means to play: mass-extermination and genocide in the interests of total world domination. In the end, it is up to our protagonists, aided by an Arcology-created, rogue, sentient AI, to curtail this rout of humanity. The question is: are they already too late?

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