Random Acts of Badness: My Story

Danny Bonaduce

Danny Bonaduce, the former poster boy of bad behavior, became an 'amazingly well-adjusted adult human being' in his late 30s after kicking years of addictions. He embarked on a wonderfully successful marriage and second career as one of the country's top celebrity radio disc jockeys. 'People tend to ask me questions. I guess I'm just that kind of guy. I've been asked at least a million questions by thousands of people over the years and that doesn't even include the TV talk circuit. Still, after all that, there are some questions that give me pause. 1. Did the Partridge Family play their own instruments? 2. Did you know the hooker you picked up in Phoenix was a really a man? 3. Are you ever going to write a book? The answer to all three has always been an emphatic NO! Well, at least one of those answers is about to change.'

Hyperion 432 pages

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