Dangerous Destiny: Romance with BITE (League of Guardians Book 1)

V.A. Dold

Newly edited and proof read 2nd edition correcting issues with the first edition. I LOVE these books! I also love how you are able to give each one their own stories without repetition! Each book is filled with action, adventure, snark, steamy scenes that are tastefully done and romance! Kudos to you! Evelyn Dotson The Guild‒an order of witch hunters organized in the 1600s‒is alive and well. And they have Carolyn in their sights. Carolyn Soucek is a witch who can see the future, all except her own. Desperate for answers she consults a seer. Her destiny awaits her in Savannah, Georgia. At least that's what the gifted psychic tells her. Darius Drummond is a vampire sworn to protect witches from the Guild. Hundreds of years, dealing with singular witches weren't enough to prepare him for Carolyn. Now that he's found his soulmate, can he save her from the pyre?

Vadold 167 pages

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