Basement Sex Doll - BUNDLE - Parts 4, 5 & 6: (Mind Controlled, Hypnotized Girls in a Secret Dungeon Sex Club)

Lexie Renard

This series is getting hotter with every release - Hot hypnotized girls are waiting to fulfill every desire of wealthy, lusty men! This is a bundle containing Parts Four, Five, and Six, for the price of 2 stories. Basement Sex Doll series page: PART FOUR Sarah signs up to be a live sex doll at FH Mansion, and Brent chooses her new gorgeous personna Seven to be his hot club girl pickup - with more of his fantasies fulfilled than he expected. Five’s time is up, and as Carrie is released from the Mansion, she has a memory flash of her first time with amazing hunk Josh. He’s been searching for her, and when he finds her, will they still have that intense connection? PART FIVE When Evan recognizes his old high school crush on the FH Mansion website, he can’t believe his luck. He has always fantasized about controlling a pretty girl and having her serve him sexually, but getting revenge years later on a dumb blonde prom queen who could barely say the words “black people” will be an extra thrill. How much will he punish her? Although their memories were supposed to have been wiped, Carrie somehow remembers her entire time at the Mansion. Should she tell Josh? Will he think less of her? Or will he be aroused and want to hear outrageous stories of her time there? PART SIX New smoking hot doll Number Thirteen signs up to join FH Mansion - a gorgeous blonde who is actually a whip smart psychologist to be, who plays a bimbo to manipulate men, earn a fortune, and advance her career. The Mansion’s clients are thrilled to have such a beautiful new girl who will do anything to please them. Carrie and Josh try to figure out how to have a relationship after meeting at the mansion, and having been intimate before they even knew each other’s names. He loves hearing stories about her time there, which she isn’t supposed to remember, so Carrie tells him about her first female lover, driving Josh absolutely crazy.

107 pages

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