Dinofile: Profiles of 120 Amazing, Terrifying and Bizarre Beasts

Richard Moody

The fascination with dinosaurs never seems to abate: Jurassic Park is the 10th highest grossing film of all time, and books such as Walking with Dinosaurs have sold well over a million copies. Dinofilewill delight dinophiles with a wealth of fearsome facts and figures about these monsters that once strode the land, terrorized the seas, and patrolled the air. It features fascinating profiles of each animal, complemented by 120 awesome computer artworks of dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and ichthyosaurs. At-a-glance information-all from the latest research-reveals where and when they lived, what they ate, and what their names mean; silhouettes illustrate their size compared with humans. An introductory section provides insight into fossils, the prehistoric age, and what may have caused the dinosaurs to die out.

Hamlyn 64 pages

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