Manisha Deep

Social Media is no more a misnomer term when it comes to branding and marketing or even communicating. It is also not a child’s play. Communicating over various social media platforms safely is essential due to cyber bullying and emotional hiccups. This e-book is especially for up-and-coming authors and even the well-established. This short and informative e-book discusses about social media facts and fantasies, why and how authors can choose right social media platforms and decide on social media marketing strategy with blueprint. Also some popular tools and techniques have been mentioned which can help the authors in making their journey of writing to marketing simpler. The crisp recommendation and solution section with tips answering most of your quandaries cannot be overlooked. Live examples and personal experience are add-ons for the authors. Manisha Kumari Deep, Ph.D. is an Independent thinker, Avid reader, Dotting mother, Writer (fiction and non-fiction), Director (Green Gyaanam) has more than a decade of diversified experience. She is experienced in executing, tutoring and mentoring students and their assignments across technical research, writing and classroom teaching. She has around 50 publications existing in journals, conferences, e-books, books and as articles. Notable Non-Fiction works include “Organic IT Planning and Implementation”, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Leadership Style”, “Feasibility Study between Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment and Organic Networks”, “Cloud: DDoS, Blockchain, Regulations, Compliance” and Case study on “Social Media Quiver: Tine for Brands”. Recent Releases are “The Trial of Hope” on Kindle and “An Alien Land” on Kobo. Upcoming: “Conquering Emotions” and “2 MOMS”

AMAZON 54 pages

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