King of the Republic: What Makes A Freedom Fighter? (Silrith Book 2)

P.J. Berman

King of the Republic is the second novel in P.J.Berman’s explosive Silrith series, a new power in the world of epic fantasy. Queen Silrith has fallen. Now she must rise again. However, when her army lands in Etrovansia in search of reinforcements and political support, their welcome is far from warm. Their retreat from one war could start another. Ezrina, a vengeful Hentani priestess, feels the weight of expectation placed on her by her tribe. Without Jezna by her side, her headship is a lonely one. Will the arrival of strange new allies prove a welcome help or complicate matters further? Zethun, an ambitious young politician, rides a wave of public support amid the passion of revolution. Now he must restore order before the mob descends into anarchy. All three rebels stand on the precipice of their defining moments. There is no going back now. Meanwhile, the tyrannical usurper, King Jostan, brings new violence to the Verusantian reign of terror over Bennvika. Other Books in the Silrith Series Vengeance of Hope (2018) War of Mercy (2021) Other Books by P.J. Berman Blood and Greed (2020) Reviews 'The eloquence of writing, the beautiful character building, and detailed world building is majestically done as we explore the situations in the fictional countries of Bennvika and Etrovansia.' Hari Krishnan Prasath @theobviousmystery ‘I honestly don’t think I have ever come across so much ‘bloody battling’ in one book in my life.’ Kay Smillie ‘P.J. Berman writes with his characteristic flair’ @bongbooksandcoffee ‘I just love all the female characters. They are so strong and powerful and of course, Silrith is my favourite.’ @avely.n ‘Wow, he is not afraid to kill characters off - be warned!' @michichan07 Other Praise for the Silrith series ‘Read it if you have a taste for rebellion, a fire in your belly and tried and tested nerves of steel!’ @littlewaller ‘This is one of the best stories I have read featuring strong female characters’ FeeRtheDragon ‘Everything a fantasy novel needs.’ Don Jimmy Reviews 'Considerable storytelling adroitness where author P.J.Berman heralds a deadly game of power and control' ‘I really enjoyed Berman’s use of strong female characters’ @marissaexplainsitall ‘I did not know you could feel that physical pain just by reading it’ @nextbookplease_ ‘Fierce female characters’ @booksontheknightbus About the Author: Website and Blog: Instagram: @pjbermanbooks Twitter: @pjbermanbooks P.J.Berman grew up in Hertfordshire, England. Since then, after a brief but enjoyable period living in Plymouth, Devon, he has settled in the beautiful Welsh countryside of Carmarthenshire.

403 pages

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