Dark Light (Chronicles of the Light)

Chris Stoneheart

Book four of The Chronicles of the Light…Kaitlin negotiated for what she hopes will be two magnificent hours with Xaephan. Unfortunately, the Lord of Lust’s agreements aren’t always as they seem, and the consequences of their evening are long lasting. She follows through on her deal with Ryan and heads to Africa to help guard gazelles for a week. Ryan trains her, but no one anticipates the powerful, ancient Strigorii vampires who have her in their sights. Since she broke up with Abbott, gaining control of her will be like hanging a sign saying they’re more powerful than The Abbott without having to actually fight him. Throw in complications with Nathan and a few battles with her old enemy Aquila, and Kaitlin doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going. She wants peace and quiet with her daughter, but is it possible? Is she too embroiled in supernatural politics to live a normal life? Kaitlin feels as if she’s become a game piece in a sadistic chess tournament, and she wants off the board.

Independently published 370 pages

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