Chasing the Light (Chronicles of the Light)

Chris Stoneheart

Book three of the Chronicles of the Light…Kaitlin O'Malley is relieved to finally get some peace with her family. However, when The Dragon King finally locates the human who wields light-weapons similar to hers, Kaitlin is dragged into another fearsome clash of vampires, shapeshifters, and not-so-mythological gods. Working alongside the King of Cats is a constant pull on her libido — life was easier when he was a distant feline with no interest in her. But after several new species show their true colors, Kaitlin struggles for survival. Between her old enemy Aquila, a certain demon and his alter-ego brother, and another skirmish with the Alpha Wolf, Kaitlin squeezes in a little playtime with a sexy biker. Torn between the forces of light and darkness, can Kaitlin fight to keep her family alive while Chasing the Light?

Independently published 366 pages

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