The Vampire's Mark 2: Hell Storm (Reverse Harem Romance)

Rachel Jonas

To some, having the attention of four princes might be a dream come true, but for Corina, it means four times the trouble. Escaping burning buildings, living off scraps, being hunted by vamps—those are storms she knows how to weather. It’s having the entire world observe as she and the Dynasty’s golden boys engage in a blood bond that has her shaken. For all she knows, it won’t even produce a cure for the mysterious blood sickness like they’re hoping, which could mean she’ll be put to death anyway. And to make matters worse, as a side-effect of the bond, she finds herself falling for the very beasts she once pledged to remove from power by any means necessary. Talk about a conflict of interest. In the second installment of THE VAMPIRE’S MARK, will it be Corina’s mission or her emotions that prevail? *** This is BOOK TWO in THE VAMPIRE’S MARK series. Series order is as follows: The Vampire’s Mark 1: Dark Reign The Vampire’s Mark 2: Hell Storm The Vampire’s Mark 3: Cold Heir The Vampire’s Mark 4: Crimson Mist Note: This is a slow-burn, upper young adult/New Adult, RH series. You have my word there’s no insta-love between these pages whatsoever. Instead, you’ll be immersed in a rich plot and an imaginative alternate-reality where vampires don’t just exist. They rule. The eventual connection between Corina and these four sexy, vamp princes will be well-deserved and intense. There are certainly sexy times in this series, and the heat level is synonymous with the young adult/new adult genres. Thanks for checking out the series and enjoy! THE VAMPIRE’S MARK is an action-packed, paranormal romance involving vampire royalty and the humans who fear them. This series is an upper YA/NA crossover perfect for fans of Bella Forrest’s “A Shade of Vampire”, E.M. Knight’s “The Vampire’s Gift”, and Sarah J. Maas’s “A Court of Thorns and Roses”. This book is for anyone who loves: * Shifter Romance (Vampire Romance) and Dark Fantasy Romance * Tough Heroines who rock despite battling disabilities (epilepsy) * Teen and Young Adult Paranormal Romance * New Adult Paranormal Romance * Magical Powers and Supernatural Creatures * Alternative Reality and Alternative History * Tales of forbidden love * The hit TV show, “The Vampire Diaries” * Fiction involving strong heroines, superheroes, and masked vigilantes hellbent on saving the world * Dystopian Romance and Gothic Romance

239 pages

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