Blue Prometheus (Blue Prometheus Series Book 1)

Ned Marcus

Thomas Brand’s rational view of the universe is challenged when a sailing ship lands on Clapton Pond during the London riots. The strange alien crew disturbs him and his friend, Lucy Thomson, but the message the ship’s captain gives them is stranger. They must choose whether to travel to a distant planet to complete a task that would change the destiny of its inhabitants and affect life throughout the universe. And it will change their lives forever. On that remote planet a young woman awaits them. She is one of only two humans with a knowledge of the wild magic of Blue Prometheus and the intelligent species that live hidden in its great primeval forests. The other she seeks to kill. She will be their guide. Lucy must develop the courage to use her power. But for Thomas to save those he loves, and much more, he must first believe in the possibility of the magic his rational mind rejects. If you like fast-paced, fantasy adventures on distant planets you’ll love the first novel in Ned Marcus’s Blue Prometheus series. Buy Blue Prometheus today!

Orange Log Publishing 328 pages

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