Fort Sill Fights Back (A Classic Western Novel) (U.S. Marshal series Book 3)

William Black

The Bateman Gang make their own law. And they want to get rid of U.S. Marshal Wade Nelson. Why? Wade simply will not stop until justice is served on the Batemans. He is in the way of the outlaws. Wade cannot do nothing when a night has gone and become known as the Bandera Massacre, starting with the death of a sheriff. The Bateman Gang from Texas Hill Country realize they could not stop. They think they are soldiers. They see everyone as ‘outsiders’. They are addicted – to killing. They feed off the diabolical mind of their leader, Arlo Bateman. The Batemans have inflicted great evil and suffering in both Texas and the Indian Territory, later known as Oklahoma. They thought nothing was going to stop them, until the arrival of Wade and his deputies. Instantly, Wade and his deputies realize that the gang is organized, and formidable. Wade barely escaped death while Jesse was taken. The U.S. Marshal is gathering all the help he can get. Even help from Commanding General William Tecumseh Sherman. At Fort Sill in a final fight, Marshal Wade and Arlo Bateman will come face to face. One shall stand, one shall fall.

417 pages

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