Crushing on the Billionaire: An Office Romance (The Billionaire's Reluctant Bride Book 2)

Jennifer Griffith

A divorced billionaire and his devoted secretary must work together to save his company. An arranged marriage is his only hope—and the matchmaker's worst nightmare. Tatum Carlyle is hopelessly devoted to her boss. As executive assistant to the brilliant CEO, she’s in Dawson Rafferty’s life every day. He depends on her for everything professional. If only he could depend on her for everything personal. A crush on the boss is cliché, but how can she help it? He’s all she wants, but he doesn't—and can’t—notice her. Curse those company bylaws regarding intra-office relationships! But now he's asked her the impossible—to find him a wife. He'd do anything to save his company—even get married again. Dawson Rafferty is in danger of losing his company as an unknown enemy threatens a hostile takeover. If that happens, he'll lose the medical advancement he’s nearly perfected. Millions of lives hang in the balance. To keep control of his company and save lives, he needs a loyal wife to buy up the reserved shares—before the shareholders’ meeting. After his last heartbreak, he doesn't dare trust himself to choose another wife. Dawson needs a matchmaker. Someone reliable. Someone connected. Someone with good judgment. His loyal assistant, Tatum, is his obvious only choice. She's never failed him, but can she find his perfect match within three weeks? The word crush has never been so apropos. Crushing on the Billionaire is Book 2 in the Billionaire’s Reluctant Wife series by Swoony Award-winning author Jennifer Griffith and USA Today best-selling author Cynthia Savage. All the books in the series are standalone romantic comedies with hunky heroes, hilarious twists, and clean-but-undeniable chemistry. The Billionaire's Reluctant Bride Series 1. Marry Your Billionaire 2. Crushing on the Billionaire 3. Trusting the Billionaire Other Romantic Comedies By Jennifer Griffith include: The Getaway Bay Clean Billionaire Beach Club 13. The Billionaire's Blue Christmas 14. The Benched Billionaire 15. The Bookish Billionaire The Billionaire Makeover Series 1. Setting Up the Billionaire 2. Concealed from the Billionaire 3. Dodging the BIllionaire Legally in Love Series 1. Legally Wedded 2. Attractive Nuisance 3. Mergers & Acquisitions 4. Wills & Trust 5. Asked & Answered 6. Illegally Wedded 7. Moot Court 8. First & Last Christmas Date The Teen Queens Series 1. Super Daisy 2. My 90s Boy Band Boyfriend Standalone Books Big in Japan Chocolate & Conversation The Congressman & The Goddess Assumption of the Risk

237 pages

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