Branded By The Black Wolves

Hollie Hutchins

I'm on the ground, again.  I have been punched and slammed by someone far bigger and tougher than me. I can hear the snorts and laughter; I'm the only girl on the training squad. "This is why someone like you should never be allowed to fight side by side with war brothers."  Still, I get up. Not complaining.  This is the life I chose. So when a stranger challenges me to a duel two minutes later, I don't hesitate to take him up and agree to his terms that I will do something for him if I lose. Then it all went black. I wake up in a cell and realize with terror that I'm probably in werewolf territory, high up in the mountains.  Two hours later, I'm presented to both, the prince's step-cousin and the prince himself. "You are lucky, you have been chosen to be our new human concubine. A rare opportunity, given only to the most worthy of women." You've got to be kidding me?! This was NOT what I meant by a favor!!! "Have you bred before?" WHAT?! "What about sharing? Two, three men, perhaps?" EXCUSE ME?! "Tomorrow will be your first training." Next thing I know, I have a royal collar attached to my neck, to denote I belong to them.  "You either walk on your feet or you will be dragged,"  says the prince. He can't be serious.  I'm gonna kill them both.  Branded By The Black Wolves is a full-length novel with a HEA. Adult's only!

178 pages

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