The Billionaire's CamGirl

Penny Wylder

I've got a secret. I've been working as a CamGirl. I was anxious when I started, who wouldn't be? All those strange men... watching me... Except that didn't happen. From the beginning, I've been on display for one man, and one man only. I don't know his name or his face. I should think of him as nothing but a wallet. But the longer we spend together, the more I want to know about him. The closer I want to get. No one should fall in love with a stranger... What happens when I find out we know each other? Get ready to fall in love with an intense alpha-male who knows what he wants and goes for it, plus the woman who claimed his big heart... and the bigger package in his jeans. Ahem. No cheating, and I promise a HEA like always!

172 pages

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