Whims of Fae - The Complete Series

Nissa Leder

This bundle includes all six books in the Whims of Fae series and is over 1200 pages full of fantasy, romance, magic, and lots of fae. Escaping to Faerie isn't quite the fairy tale Scarlett had hoped for. After her mother's suicide, Scarlett's grief consumes her. When an otherworldly stranger offers her a release from her pain, it’s too tempting an opportunity to resist. She’s lured into Faerie and sucked into a royal battle as two fae brothers prepare for the Battle of Heirs where the winner earns the right to the throne. Human emotion fuels fae power and Scarlett’s is the most potent Cade has ever tasted. He’s certain she is the key to defeating his brother Raith. But Raith has surprises of his own, and Scarlett fits perfectly into his devious plan. Scarlett must decide how far she's willing to go to avoid her guilt and heartache. As she is pulled further into the realm of magic and power, she discovers a dangerous secret that could change her fate forever. Will Scarlett find a way to cope with her sorrow and untangle herself from the two princes? Or will they devour her completely? Find out in this page-turning, fantasy series where a young woman must find light in the darkness. Get it now. Here's what readers are saying about the first book: "This introduction to The Whims of Fae exceed even my strongest expectations and I am honestly so, so, so captivated. " -Amazon Reviewer ★★★★ "Lots of sexy fae." -Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★ "Once I started to read the book, it was very hard to put down." -Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

1209 pages

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