The Original 30 Chic Days Blog Series: Be inspired by the online series that started it all

Fiona Ferris

By popular request this volume contains all four series of the original ‘30 Chic Days’ as featured on my blog ‘How to be Chic’, ready for you to dip into at any time for a boost of chic inspiration. I promise you will never be short of a new idea to try!The whole premise around ‘30 Chic Days’ is to intentionally bring forward simple, chic and life-affirming changes which will enhance your everyday. I have found for myself that any improvements or upgrades I wish to make must be enjoyable and easy, otherwise they will feel like just another item on my to-do list.I am a fan of living a simple and beautiful life – without going broke to do so. Most of my suggestions will cost you nothing and take almost no extra time; how refreshing is that? Join with me and learn how to elevate your daily round in a fun and stylish way.

184 pages

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