Bought By The Empyrean King

Hollie Hutchins

I've been purchased by The Empyreans --the most aggressive alien race known. And tonight, I will be auctioned to The King.  They brought fancy clothes and makeup to make me "pretty." And if I am "lucky" enough, The King will choose me. But will he? Imagine me, the girl who has gotten in more fights than a professional boxer. No one knows more about dumpster diving than I do. I'm a street rat through and through, and I'm not ashamed of it.  If he ever chooses me, I will be expected to serve him in any and every way he sees fit.  I could not refuse him. My name is Jenna SFC 67, and I have made the ultimate sacrifice to give my parents a better life.  Now I can only hope we make it out alive... Both, me and my baby. Bought by The Empyrean King is a full-length novel with a HEA. 18+ Only!

188 pages

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