Earthship Chronicles: The magical tale of a man who self built his self sufficient luxurious earthship home with no experience or training.

Alex Leeor

If you are thinking about one day building your own eco-home or want to live self-sufficiently then this book is for you! It is written for people who have little to no technical knowledge or experience. It is not only a great learning resource but also a very fun and exciting journey and story to read! I hope one day it can be you! This book is many things. It is a fantastic learning opportunity as I delve into some of the theory and knowledge behind sustainable building and living. It also covers some technical aspects of building with my own pictures of the build and links to good resources for more in depth information. I share my personal and quite remarkable story that unfolded over 15 years and what I learned through my own experiences of eco building for my first time. I have learned a lot during my first and subsequent builds, and will share my best advice and tips with you so that you may one day be able to fulfil your dreams. This book is also a special story full of great synchronicity, inspiration and magic. Those who dare to dream and follow their hearts will enjoy this book very much!

151 pages

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