Valentine Minnie (Frontier Valentine Romance Series Book 2)

Katie Wyatt

Colt Alwood is a rough-mannered miner with zero experience when it comes to women. So, when the beautiful Minnie Hilgert arrives in town to marry him, Colt doesn’t know how to reach this brave, practical, and prickly woman who has walls around her heart. After working as a nurse in the war for two years, Minnie Hilgert returns home, physically intact but so scarred by the memories that she struggles to sleep at night. When she fails to find a husband, she puts her tattered soul into God’s hands and decides to become a mail-order bride. The man whose proposal she accepts seems to have a hard time accepting her, and in this new town, far away from everything she’s ever known, Minnie sets down her roots and begins to build a new life. However, he isn’t the only one in town who thinks that Minnie is a catch. When Minnie’s life is threatened, Colt realizes how deeply he has fallen in love with his wife and determines that no one will ever hurt her again. Read all the books in Frontier Valentine Romance Series by bestselling author Katie Wyatt! Start with Valentine Eliza. Frontier Valentine Romance Series Book 1: Valentine Eliza Book 2: Valentine Minnie Book 3: Valentine Emma Book 4: Valentine Bertha Read all the Books by bestselling author Katie Wyatt! Oregon Trail Series Book 1 The Reluctant Bride Book 2 The Step Children Book 3 Torn Heart Book 4 The Road Home Brides of Bedford Series Book 1: Lillie’s Lie Book 2: Clara and Ben Book 3: Florence’s Faith. Book 4: Bernice and the Blacksmith Book 5: Della’s Doctor Book 6: Maggie’s Marshal Book 7: Annie’s Apothecary Book 8: Belle’s Bakery Book 9: Helen’s Hotel fiasco Book 10: Saving Sadie Book 11: Matilda’s Mine Book 12: Nancy’s Nuptials Aspen Falls Series Book 1 - New Beginnings Book 2 – Blind Faith Book 3 – Starry Night Book 4 – Bucking Tradition Book 5 – Smoldering Fury Book 6 – Dreams Come True Book 7 – Wild Mustangs Book 8 – The Outbreak Book 9 – Jason’s Challenge Christmas In Red Rock Books 1 Catching Christmas Spirit Books 2 The Spark of Christmas Books 3 Seeing Christmas Spirit Books 4 Christmas Spirit Returns Mega Boxset complete Series - 26 Book Pioneer Wilderness Romance Complete Series (Mega Box Set Series 2) - 25 Book Mega Box Set 5 Complete Series: Mail Order Bride (Mega Box Set Series) - Historical Tales of Western Brides 27 Book Mega Box Set Complete Series (Mega Box Set Series 1) - 27 Book Mega Box Set 5 Complete Series (Mega Box Set Series 4) - 25 Book Mega Box Set Complete Series: (Mega Box Set Series 3) Katie Wyatt Clean and Wholesome novelette American Mail Order Bride historical Western romance series is enjoyable for all ages.

Royce Cardiff Publishing House 104 pages

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