Justice Comes Home (The Texas Riders Western) (A Western Frontier Fiction)

Joseph Powell

He refused to fight, until the fight came to him. Perry Wallace lives by the cowboy’s code: 1- care for your ranch, 2- love your family, and 3- defend justice. But … when the law fails, you have to take justice into your own hands. When the wedding of a close friend falls under attack from unseen assailants, the bride is killed and the groom is crippled for life. Perry and his family barely escape. No one knows who is behind it or why, until the attacks continue. Rusty Taylor was born evil. His thirst for blood and murder cannot be quenched, and the more you scream, the more he smiles. His little brother was the same way, until Perry killed him while defending the honor of two young women. Now Rusty’s ready to wage war. He does not forgive and forget. He murders and punishes. And what he wants now is for Perry to suffer. But Perry’s brothers won’t let him fight this battle alone. They’re not just seeking revenge; they’re seeking justice. Perry’s ready for a fight, but are bullets strong enough to stop a madman?

466 pages

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