Trapped at Rosings: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Emily Russell

When Fitzwilliam Darcy’s aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, loses patience waiting for him to propose to her daughter, Anne, she takes a daring and dangerous step to force them into a compromising situation. But as Darcy is on his way through Rosings Woods to propose to Elizabeth Bennet, Lady Catherine's plan goes awry. After being trapped together for the night, Darcy must now marry Elizabeth to save her reputation. But before he can reassure Elizabeth he truly loves her and already wished to marry her, she reveals how much she dislikes him and how little she wants this marriage, mistakenly believing he feels the same. Darcy must keep his true feelings a secret though he dreads the prospect of marrying the woman he loves, knowing how much she despises him. Elizabeth Bennet is conflicted. Even though she dislikes Darcy for his arrogance and pride, and dreads the thought of their marriage, she cannot shake the memory of how bravely he protected her and how gently he comforted her during that terrifying night. And as their marriage approaches and the two grow closer, Elizabeth realises her feelings for him are growing stronger. But how can she love a man who thinks she and her family are beneath him? And can a man who has shown himself to be kinder, gentler and more generous than she ever realised really be responsible for destroying the lives and happiness of so many people? Two acquaintances, in particular, are not happy to learn about the forced marriage. One has set her heart on becoming the future Mrs Darcy, and the other has long wanted to avenge himself on his former friend. Knowing Elizabeth cared for Wickham, and still believes his lies about Darcy's treatment of him, the pair spot a perfect opportunity to tear the couple apart. And when the jealousy and deceit of others threaten to come between them, Elizabeth and Darcy must take a daring risk to decide what they want once and for all.

285 pages

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