MOVABLE SPACES: Toward a Flexible and Affordable Home (Color Edition)

Alan B. Tossman

The typical home is defined by other people who have preconceived ideas and constraints. It may not allow for a lot of flexibility, and many people regard their home as unchangeable. The concept of Movable Spaces in your home is the ability to change uses according to the needs of a family or persons using it, allowing flexibility that may not otherwise be achieved; and having one space for many different activities. What do I mean by Movable Spaces? Some of the elements of Movable Spaces described and included in this category are dividers and walls, furniture, small movable rooms, and combinations of these items. By different arrangements, it is possible to create different size spaces and enclosures for many functions or appearances. Flexibility in homes offer the possibility for smaller homes and less cost. This edition has color photographs.

Independently published 103 pages

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