The Forgotten (Demons Book 2)

Marina Simcoe

I’ve been abducted, twice in as many months. The world of my captors is a dark and mysterious place, but for me it also holds forbidden pleasures I’ve never experienced before. Still, when I get a chance to run, I take it. A rebel and a convicted criminal, he has spent most of his existence suspended between two worlds, in a state his kind call Deep Sleep. Nearly forgotten by all. Until I disturb his slumber. The touch of a demon awaken is always dangerous. And for me, it turns out treacherous in more ways than one. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. LET THE SLEEPING DEMONS LIE. Warning: The Forgotten is a paranormal romance that contains sexual situations and graphic descriptions of intimacy. For readers 18+. Although The Forgotten is a brand new love story with different main characters, it is recommended to read the series in order, to better understand the world and the main story line.

288 pages

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