Flip This (Mini) House: Turning a flea market dollhouse into a mid-century marvel

Holly Tierney-Bedord

Along with being a bestselling fiction author, Holly Tierney-Bedord is an artist, miniaturist, and the creator of the Flip This (Mini) House blog. Come along with her to see how she repurposes everyday objects into tiny furniture and decor, creates small-scale craft projects, and turns a flea market dollhouse from gross to gorgeous. This book is based on the blog FlipThisMiniHouse.com. It includes insider tips on everything from creating stencils to make installing flooring and wallpaper easier to the step-by-step process for installing shingles on your dollhouse's roof. See how to refurbish a tiny dresser. Give a sofa a mid-century makeover. Create mini mini-blinds from coasters. Most of the projects in this book are very easy and inexpensive. Over 100 full-color before, during, and after photos fill the pages of this inspiring book. Also included are templates for projects and a never-before-seen mini newspaper you can print out and use in your own dollhouse.

193 pages

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