Sold To The Werewolf Prince

Daniella Wright

The collar on my neck reads Tamkin the Fourth. I have been assigned to an alien Prince. And I am to bear his child. My ship was taken and my crew imprisoned.  They put us on trial. I watched others die in front of me. Why would a prince be attending a trial?   I still don't know the answer, but that may have just saved my life. Lucky, you may think? Not so sure. One wrong insult in the wrong place - and they'll execute me in the blink of an eye.  Either I hold my tongue - or I'm gone. Such a shame I don't do well with rules. He wants a baby? He'll get a baby. But wait until I'm pregnant and I can open my mouth. What is he going to do? Kill me? I doubt it. I'm going to make his life a living hell. This is a stand-alone novel with an HEA. 

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