Zero Net Energy Case Study Homes: Volume 1

Edward Dean FAIA

This is the first volume of in-depth case studies of zero-net-energy (ZNE) residential structures. Following the same descriptive approach and format of Volumes 1-3 of the previously published Zero Net Energy Case Study Buildings, this book focuses entirely on examples of housing archetypes in the United States. These include the single-family private house, one-off spec houses, manufactured housing, tract house developments and mixed-use multifamily projects. In this well-illustrated book, all the case study projects are described in terms of how they were built to achieve verified ZNE performance, that is, the energy used by the building over the course of a year was equal to the amount of energy supplied by its on-site renewable energy system. This book goes beyond recent publications on ZNE buildings with its reporting and analysis of the actual measured energy use and renewable energy production, including graphs and charts of this performance over a full year, verifying actual achievement of the zero-net-energy goal. As in the previous volumes, each case study concludes with a candid discussion of post-occupancy issues and “lessons learned” for the project. Enhanced by many beautiful photographs, architectural drawings and illustrations, it is attractive and easy to read, while still providing detailed technical information common to all the case study residential projects.

Independently published 126 pages

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