Crazy For You (Miraculous Love Book 2)

Meghana Sarathy

Sara: They say one's life is settled when they have a good job, take marital vows and start a family. In that sense, my life was settled except for the unease in my heart that was begging for some form of closure with Nate. I was a happily married woman - My kids adored me, my husband was madly in love with me. My family was perfect. Just the way I loved it. But then Nate came back and all the old feelings were stirred back to life. I demand answers, but he begs for forgiveness. I want to turn my back on him, leaving him in the dark but he wishes to bask in the light of the truth - The truth that was kept from him all this while. We had been trapped in the web of lies and deceit, but now the veil of misunderstanding has finally been removed and we are forced to face the raw, naked, agonizing truth. They say Love is blind. We can't ever think rationally in love and our heart always wins, but I believe Love is a stubborn, selfish feeling that is not bound by any societal tags or labels, making us question our own morality. So, this time, I neither listen to my head nor heart. I leave the decision to my husband whose love for me has always been pure, 'right' and selfless. Love destroys lives but also births miracles. I want to see how this miraculous love plays out in my life. Crazy For You is the sequel to Enticed By You and is the final book in the Miraculous Love duet.

321 pages

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