Lizzy's Kiss (Savage Security Series Book 6)

Karen Tjebben

“The author weaves a great storyline that is full of fear, heart-stopping terror, romance, heated sexual scenes, and suspense all of which culminates into a great climax.” Suzanne - Goodreads Lizzy Adams hadn’t worked so hard to get a man’s attention as she had for Tyson Smith. The brawny black man with the soulful eyes, baritone voice that whispered over her like a velvet caress, and a smile that turned her knees to jelly occupied her thoughts… until she stood face to face with a man whose devious eyes scared her as much as the syringe in his hand.  Terrified, Lizzy reaches out to Tyson, the one man she knew could keep her safe. He’d seen it all during his time in the military, but the fear in Lizzy’s eyes and the tremble in her voice triggered his alpha-male instincts and sent testosterone rocketing through his veins. Keeping Lizzy safe from a grieving father turned serial killer became Tyson’s priority. Despite the danger around them, they can’t deny the sexual tension mounting between them. Here's what reviewers are saying about LIZZY'S KISS. “I was feeling the fearwhile reading the book and had to read it in one session as it was too riveting to put down.” Suzanne – Goodreads “A great read if you like a little more action and mystery with your romance books. You will be very pleasantly surprised on the deep and intriguing storyyou get out of it along with quite the ride of ups and downs and guessing.”  Bailey – Goodreads “It was fast-paced with a great backstoryto explain who and why someone wanted to kill Lizzy. The author gave us well developed engaging characters and terrific descriptive narratives.” Heather – Goodreads “A little bit of sizzle in the romancearea was also good.” Kirstie – Goodreads “I loved this book that is filled with suspense, drama, and of course steamy chemistry. The characters are well developed and engaging, and the storyline flowed smoothly from start to finish.” Elvira – Goodreads “What a great book, I loved that Lizzy stands up for herself! Off the charts chemistrybetween Lizzy and Tyson!” Tina – Goodreads Books in The Savage Security Series #1 Blood Kiss #2 Avenging Kiss #3 Coveted Kiss #4 Stolen Kiss #5 Grace's Kiss #6 Lizzy's Kiss Other series by Karen Tjebben can be found at: The Scintillate Series - YA, supernatural, romantic suspense   The Flowers of Avenel Series– Contemporary romance with a little mystery and a lot of spice.  little mystery and a little spice. 

222 pages

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