Social Media Marketing 2019 + Personal Branding Secrets 2-in-1 Strategy Bundle: Learn How to Become a Big Time Influencer on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram with SEO, Some Advertising and This Guide! (Bundle 1)

Dave Welch

Do you want to dominate social media in 2019? Are you looking to take your business to new heights with up-to-date social media marketing? Social media is a superb and energizing world, and seeing each of the devices accessible will give you the confidence to build deals or set up an individual relationship with your clients. There are many things you can do to market yourself online. However, you need to do it in a smart way without leaving any penny without a proper return on investment. The audiobook Social Media Marketing 2019 will help you start growing more followers today and help you automate the process so you don't have to spend hours and hours every day! It will discuss the right way to make the best social media tools work for you so you will be able to grow your business as well as your brand! The modern marketing game has changed. Learn how this audiobook will equip you to build your brand on social media in 2017. You'll get up-to-date information on what's working and what's not It will give you clarity about social media marketing You will learn success secrets from some of the biggest brands today You will discover secrets to engaging with your audience when marketing on Instagram Step-by-step guide to give your brand a dominating presence on YouTube You will find plenty of handy examples and mini case studies of brands that've built an enviable social media presence to inspire you. Discover the secrets of professional personal branding. Establishing a professional presence with a clear and concise image, reputation, and status is a must, whether you're a new grad or an accomplished executive. Personal marketing has never been more important, and your personal brand should communicate the best you have to offer. Personal branding benefits your business by: Establishing credibility and thought leadership Growing your network Helping you market yourself Attracting new opportunities Increasing sales Helping you reach your business goals In Personal Branding Secrets, you are going to learn how to put the social back into social media and use networking as one of your best secrets, alongside: How to incorporate a unique selling proposition into your branding The best methods for selling products to customers as a small business How to access opportunities that can take your brand to the next level How to use business storytelling to sell products in both physical and online marketplaces Each of the chapters in this audiobook is illustrated by real-life stories, case studies, expert tips, thought-provoking exercises, and action steps you can implement right now.

Dave Welch & Gary Ramsey

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